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Precision CNC Parts

Categoria de Produto do Precision CNC Parts, somos fabricantes especializados da China, Precision Cnc Parts , Cnc Machine Parts fornecedores / fábrica, atacado alta qualidade produtos de Custom Cnc Parts R & D e fabricação, temos a perfeita serviço e suporte técnico pós-venda. Aguardamos a sua colaboração!

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Precision parts which we already done many robot parts for customer, some aluminum and steel machining parts with precise size, also some machining auto parts. With grade SLS SLA. Specializing in metals such as aluminum, steel, and titanium, we are also adept at working with nickel, magnesium, and other exotic alloys. We also have the capability to manufacture from various raw material types including bar stock, castings, forgings, and sheet metal. Secondary services include assembly, welding (fusion/resistance), fabrication, epoxy painting, cleaning, hot forming, and EDM. We offer fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection and have several coordinate measuring machines for detailed inspection. Several in-house processes, including precision CNC turning, CNC milling, lapping and OD grinding are incorporated to fabricate the runners. Include heat treatment and a tungsten carbide plasma spray coating. Tolerance requirements are held to .001" / .000", a circular run out of .0005", and cylindricity of .0003". Dimensional inspection as well as NDT inspection was done in-house.

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